SAM-buddy workplace peer-mentoring

SAM-buddy - Student/Staff Adjustment Monitoring - buddy program integrates traditional and non-traditional technology based support methods for incoming new employees by designated peer-mentors to provide efficient and flexible care for the kick of period of work.

We designed SAM-buddy to work in one-on-one bases as well as in small group format. The technological platform provides a vast library of relevant information along with built in fun elements mentors and mentorees can enjoy as they walk along together in the period of four to eight weeks depending on the corporate settings.

We put this unique program together to be the least disruptive of the daily regular work of designated mentors. We believe personal meetings do foster growth and adjustment more efficiently.

SAM-buddy (peer-mentoring) program is filled with great potentials for a ordanary employees. It offers group activities, professionally managed support for mentors via the designated staff, and provides great practice of people skills even if you have no such related experience.

Tell us what kind of operation you run - we will prepare a program proposal through series of discussions or online questionnaires for free.